Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Botox Injections for High-Heeled Comfort: When Fashion Trumps Footwear Function!

Français : Escarpin ouvert "peep toe"...

Français : Escarpin ouvert "peep toe" à plateforme, en cuir noir verni, modèle "Lady Peep", marque Christian Louboutin, talon 150mm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the “characters” who appears in Chapter 3 of Tread Lightly is a chap named Jay Bedford Leno. In his 1885 treatise titled The Art of Boot and Shoemaking, A Practical Handbook,” Leno blames “the stupid mandates of all-powerful fashion” for playing a major role in the deforming nature of shoe designs of his time.

Well, it appears that little has changed, and in fact some have taken things to an entirely new level. Witness this article in the British tabloid “The Sun,” in which a woman named Charlotte Glen discusses how she has resorted to having Botox injections into her feet, as well as implantation of “dermal fillers” to add built in cushion to her soles. Why, you might ask? Well, quite obviously so she can all day and night in one of 40 pairs of stilettos. Says Ms. Glen: “Wearing heels for 16 years had left my feet in agony. But now I have had the Loub job, I can wear heels of any height without feeling a thing. It’s given me unbelievable stiletto stamina.” Ms. Glen rationalizes her decision thusly:

“People reading this will think the procedure is vanity-based but it isn’t. I need to look great for work and I wear heels all day. If you have to wear glasses all day, but decide to get contacts so people can’t see them, it’s the same thing. Millions of women around the world, I am sure, will agree.”

We’re not so sure we do agree, but then again, as Jay Bedford Leno said over 100 years ago, fashion can be a pretty powerful force.

To read the full article on the high-heel Botox procedure, click here.

For a more sensible take on this topic, here’s a video featuring Australian podiatrist Brendan Brown:

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