Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chapter 7 – Foot Strike in Running

Chapter 7 of Tread Lightly examines the the topic of how the foot strikes the ground in running (heel vs. midfoot vs. forefoot), and whether one type of foot strike might be considered the “best” option for runners. In this chapter we examine:

  • The various types of running foot strikes
  • Historical advice on “optimal” foot strike
  • What research shows about how common each foot strike type is among runners
  • The affect of footwear (or lack thereof) on foot strike type
  • The role of learning and acclimation in relation to running form change
  • How foot strike type relates to the forces applied to the foot and leg in running
  • The relationship between foot strike type and running injuries

Useful ancillary resources for Chapter 7 include:

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