Are You Looking For A Great Place To Eat In Parker CO?

Four more great Parker CO restaurants are waiting for you. Think about the meal you would like to eat next. See if it matches up with the places I’ve picked out. If so, you can easily make your way to one of these great dining establishments. Based on the ratings, you know you’re looking to enjoy a nice meal with your family in Parker CO.

The first place up is Parker Garage. Now you might have seen that name before and thought it was a place to bring your car for repairs. It is far from being a garage in that sense, and you will find this lovely restaurant at 19402 East Main Street. Main Street and South Parker Road are two areas of Parker that feature several wonderful restaurants. It helps to know where they are all located.

As for Parker Garage, you’re going to find an upscale dining experience. You’re talking about pork tenderloin, beet salads and quite an eclectic farm to table menu. That should make for a unique dining experience on Main Street. Are you ready to find out the next choice for good eats in Parker?

Jozi’s Kitchen is a place where you can order up African cuisine. It is one of the restaurants you’re going to find on South Parker Road. Have you ever tried peri peri chicken? You can order up lamb shank, donuts, burgers and more at Jozi’s Kitchen. The vegetarian curry is also a big hit.

Now it’s time for the 3rd restaurant on this list, which is Casa Mariachi. It is one of the best places to get Mexican cuisine in Parker. It is yet another restaurant located along South Parker Road. Is it time for steak and shrimp and margaritas? Perhaps you had another dish in mind, and you are likely to find it when you stop by Casa Mariachi.

Tailgate Tavern is a popular dining establishment in Parker, too. It’s another Main Street restaurant, and it features outdoor dining as well. Picture a nice sports bar with an upbeat atmosphere. Wings, burgers, sandwiches and more await you according to the menu highlights.

Which of the Parker restaurants mentioned have your attention? That sports bar sounds really cool, but so do the other three picks. Each of them represents a place to enjoy a good meal when you are with your family looking for a place to eat in Parker, Colorado.